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National STEM Centre have released some useful resources for classrooms:


Computing in the National Curriculum
Computing at School has produced two guides, one for primary teachers and another for secondary teachers, with the aim of developing teaching and learning of computing at Key Stage 1 and 2 for primary and Key Stage 3 for secondary.

The Little Book of Programming challenges
Twenty seven challenges designed to challenge and inspire students whilst helping them on their journey to becoming a ‘computational thinker’. Read more

For those about to learn Python
The Python Beginners Workbook for secondary schools aims to provide a simple introduction for students to programming in the language Python. The book contains examples, tasks for students to complete and space for students to write their observations and answers to questions posed. Whilst the Python Quick Reference Guide is designed as a quick recall resource for students learning to code.

Continuing Professional Development opportunities
New Primary Computing Curriculum: Teaching Algorithms, Programming and Digital Literacy
A practical demonstration of how the new computing curriculum can be applied in the classroom. Learn the theory behind algorithms and experience practical examples of how to teach ‘computational thinking’ without a computer! Read more
Primary Computing Conference
Develop your knowledge of the new Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 primary computing curriculum, share best practice, ideas and further your own experiences through hands-on practical workshops. This conference is being run in conjunction with CAS (Computing at School) Read more

Teaching with iPads
The National Science Learning Centre now almost exclusively uses iPads for delivering all its courses. Come and learn how to make use of iPads in your classroom with these two courses:
Learning How to Teach Science with iPads
Going Further with iPads in Science

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