Interactive LCD screens – The End of Smartboards?

There is a lot of “chatter” about Interactive LCD’s at the moment with people having all sorts of questions, such as “Will my old files work?” or “Is it worth the money?”.

We have been watching this area very closely recently, and have been looking at various hardware suppliers. There is a lot on offer, and we have seen some people get bamboozled by it all, but we’re here to make sense of it all. Prices have come down drastically (interactive TVs start at around £2200, a lot cheaper than they were 12 months ago), and so it may well be that if you are replacing a smartboard the time has come to choose an interactive screen instead. The benefits include:

  • No more projector lamps to worry about
  • No more filters to clean
  • No more shadows on the board, when you step in front of the projector
  • No more focus issues, or the picture not fitting neatly

In addition, you shouldn’t worry about using your old files on the new hardware. Smart, for example, provide an express version of their software that enables you to open notebook files ( In addition, most LCD screen manufacturers provide a software suite that will give you the ability to create excellent classroom resources. Why not give us a call and we can help you find the solution that will best fulfill your needs.

Carl Barrowclough

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