Speed Up & Save Space, 1 Gigabyte At A Time

With many people wanting to put an Solid State Drive (SSD) in their PC now to speed it up, there is the matter of “what size should I buy?”. Well, if it is to be your only drive then simply get as big as your budget allows – at least 120GB, but don’t expect to store years of photos and videos on there. However, if you have the luxury of two drives, mainly in Desktops as opposed to laptops, then you will probably be going for a huge data drive and the SSD for your operating system. If this is the case, you may just be able to get it on to a 60GB SSD, here’s a couple of links to assist you.

Firstly DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK – if you need help, please ask, that’s what we’re here for!

After installing on a laptop and trying to run on a 60GB SSD, it wasn’t too long before it started to get full. Two of the main culprits were Outlook email data files and Apple iTunes backups; after some research there are a couple of ways to move these hefty folders to a secondary drive.

In fact, the method for moving Apple backups could be used to move other large folders, and create junctions or links to folders stored elsewhere on another drive. I’d be VERY wary about doing this on windows folders etc, but it should work in similar scenarios to this, that is where the program stores large data, but it won’t let you change where it is stored.



Carl Barrowclough

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